Donnerstag, 11.11.2021: FRANKO BUROLO: Let Us Hear Now the Crisis of Brains on the Asphalt: Three Punk Expressions of Crisis

Since the crisis-marked beginnings of punk, its obvious relationship with anarchism could be easily described as »it’s complicated« . In spite of the wide use of the word and the circled A symbol, not every artist considered anarchy in its political meaning of radical egalitarianism and libertarian socialism. I am considering the presence in punk of the »impulse of anarchy« as a more-than-political aesthetic phenomenon present in all avant-garde poetry (and arts in general) in modern history, consciously or not, whose ultimate goal is still, all considered, »to change life and modify the world«. Through this perspective, the lecture will present a comparative analysis of a selection of three expressions of crisis by three different punk groups from three different European countries, in three different languages: »Možgani na asfaltu« (»Brains on the Asphalt«) in Slovene by Berlinski zid from (then) Yugoslavia, »Lasciateci sentire ora« (»Let Us Hear Now«) in Italian by Franti from Italy, and »Crisis« in English by Poison Girls from the UK. The lecture will thus try to contribute to the understanding of anarchist and anarchic influences in cultural coping with crisis under international capitalism and bourgeois hegemony.The lecture will be held in English.

Franko Burolo is a PhD candidate in literature and culture at the Otto-Friedrich University. He has graduated at Zagreb where he was also active in the local underground poetry circles in Zagreb with his own experimental poetry, and currently looking for allies for similar activities in Bamberg.

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Beginn: 20:00

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